Student Theses

PhD Theses

Collaboration August 2009

Collaboration August 2009

Alpha Backgrounds in the DEAP Dark Matter Search Experiment
Tina Pollmann
Queen’s University
August 2012

Msc Theses

TPB Evaporations and Sensitivity Plots for the DEAP-3600 Dark Matter Detector
Talitha Bromwich
University of Sussex

Radiopurity Measurement of Acrylic for the DEAP-3600 Dark Matter Experiment
Corina Nantais
Queen’s University
January 2014

An Investigation of Backgrounds in the DEAP-3600 Dark Matter Direct Detection Experiment
Laurelle Veloce
Queen’s University
October 2013

Performance Evaluation of Signal Conditioning Boards and Simulation of the Impact of Electronics Noise on the DEAP-3600 Dark Matter Detector
Rhys Chouinard
University of Alberta
Spring 2013

Radon Background Reduction in DEAP-1 and DEAP-3600
Eoin O’Dwyer
Queen’s University
January 2011

Improvements to the Resolution and Efficiency of the DEAP-3600 Dark Matter Detector and Their Effects on Background Studies
Kevin Olsen
University of Alberta
Fall 2010

Characterization of Pulse-Shape Discrimination for Background Reduction in the DEAP-1 Detector
Paradorn Pasuthip
Queen’s University
January 2009

Pulse Shape Discrimination Studies in Liquid Argon for the DEAP-1 Detector
Jeffrey Lidgard
Queen’s University
April 2008

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