DEAP Collaboration October 2013

DEAP Collaboration October 2013

DEAP Project Director:
Mark Boulay (Carleton University)
Phone: (613) 520-2600 ext 4191
Department of Physics
Carleton University
Ottawa, Canada
K1S 5B6

For general information
email: mark.boulay (AT) carleton (DOT) ca


DEAP Collaborating Institutions

LogoCarleton1. Carleton University (Ottawa, Canada)
Contact: Mark Boulay (faculty web page)


logoqueens2. Queen’s University (Ontario, Canada)
Contact: Tony Noble (faculty web page)



logouofa3. University Alberta (Alberta, Canada)
Contact: Aksel Hallin (faculty web page)




4. SNOLAB/Laurentian University (Ontario, Canada)
Contact: Chris Jillings (faculty web page)



logoholloway5. Royal Holloway University of London (Surrey, UK)
Contact: Jocelyn Monroe (faculty web page)



logoral6. Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (Oxfordshire, UK)
Contact: Pawel Majewski (faculty web page)


logosussex7. University of Sussex (Sussex, UK)
Contact: Simon Peeters (faculty web page)


logotriumph8. TRIUMF (British Columbia, Canada)
Contact: Fabrice Retiere (faculty web page)


logomexico9. National Autonomous University of Mexico (Mexico City, Mexico)
Contact: Eric Vazquez Jauregui (faculty web page)

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